Lost in translation
It’s a fact that translation takes me to interesting places. I’ve already written about Edinburgh, now is the time for another adventure:

I’m taking you to Bali.

BTW – Do you want me to translate something for you? Don’t hesitate! I’m sure we’re gonna have fun 😉

Say "hello" & "goodbye" to Singapore real fast!

Say “hello” & “goodbye” to Singapore real fast!

About a year ago, I translated a music documentary about HEY’s, a Polish rock band, trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Gregory, the film director at Sky Piastowkie, accompanied HEY during this trip and shot some mind-blowing material.

The documentary is not widely available yet but here’s a song with a video clip based on the footage from that trip.

A surfing spirit from Vietnam
One of the people that were featured in the movie was Tommy, a kitesurfing instructor and the owner of Huna Boards. His captivating words resonated with me and maybe they’ll resonate with you too:

I learned how to laugh in Australia. All my life I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t have fun. There, I started a new life, I got new wrinkles and my eyes started to be joyous. I was travelling around searching for my place. I searched for myself. Now, when time to move on comes, I go online and look for a ticket. The ticket I buy is a smile of Fortune. It’s always a one-way ticket.


Really? Let’s see…
Excited about Gregory’s cool movie and kitesurfing lessons that were featured in it, I wrote to Tommy. The good energy that flew from the screen turned out to be real and we became friends.

One-way ticket of my own
When I decided to go to Asia, I told Tommy about it and I heard: Great! You should come to Vietnam! But I’m in Bali now, so come to Bali first!


Oh, bummer! He’s in Bali. What am I gonna do now…

Decisions, decision, decisions
Bali? As good starting point as any. The perfect starting point for me. Whenever I thought of Asia, my mind was going straight to Bali. A mysterious place shrouded in the haze of people’s dreams.

When I thought it couldn’t get any better, Tommy said the magic words: I’m gonna teach you surfing. Too good to be true. I wouldn’t actually believe it if I wasn’t for the fact that I’m in Bali now, with my first kitesurfing lesson already behind me.

Which kite is mine? The one behind the camera, of course ;)

Which kite is mine?
The one behind the camera, of course 😉

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