Paleros, Greece, Etoloakarnania

If you ever wonder if there is one tavern in Greece that is a cut above the others, I can help you: there is. It’s called the New Mill Tavern.

Love at first sight.

When I came to Paleros in 2002, I saw a curious sign “New Mill Tavern” in a couple of places. For some reason, the “Mill” looked like “Millennium” to me and since we just entered a new one, I felt it was the tavern for me.

Best Tavern in Grecee, New Mill Tavern, Paleros

Isn’t it pretty? Photo: Trip Advisor

The New Mill Tavern is hidden away from the beaten track. You actually have to put a little effort in finding it as it’s away from the beachside.

Circling the street of Paleros together with Fox, we suddenly saw a beautiful fence bending under the weight of fuchsia flowers. Among tired whitewashed houses, it looked like a lush oasis.

Best Tavern in Grecee, New Mill Tavern, Paleros

A perfect hideaway. Photo: Trip Advisor

The green roof made of thick vine gave shelter from the scorching sun and the leaves hugged everything in their way.

Love at first sound.

As soon as we entered the green shrine, we were greeted by Cathy – the owner of the restaurant and the captain of its kitchen. Her charismatic energy made us sit down in trance, while our host disappeared inside.

A moment later Cathy re-emerged holding a bottle of wine that was bigger than she was. She put the monster on our table, filled clay cups and said that she had no menu. She’s just gonna give us whatever she has.

Er… OK…?

With this, the charming fairy was gone. We looked at each other, raised an eyebrow, shrugged our shoulders and had some wine. Nice, chilled, red wine. Exactly what we needed. We nodded in agreement and Cathy suddenly appeared from nowhere, putting three plates of dips and fresh bread in front of us.

Best Tavern in Grecee, New Mill Tavern, Paleros

These dips are TO DIE FOR…

Here you have my lovely dips. This is tzatziki, this is beetroot salad and this is skordalia, my secret aphrodisiac, she finished with laughter.

Aphrodisiac? Let’s see…

Love at first bite.

I tore a piece of bread, dipped it in the beetroot salad and… I was in love. Completely smitten.

Best Tavern in Grecee, New Mill Tavern, Paleros

The only prawns worth your time.

Living in Paleros for a while, the New Mill Tavern became my own piece of heaven.

When I left the village, the food served at the New Mill haunted me. I’ve been dreaming of eating those delicacies quite often. Salivating at the sheer thought of having the dips in front of me.

Dreams do come true, as this year I visited Paleros after a decade of absence.

The New Mill Tavern is now ran by Cathy’s gorgeous daughter, Andromahi, with Cathy still bossing around the kitchen. The food tastes exactly the same, still perfect, still divine.

Enjoying Cathy and Andromahi’s food should be on every food lover’s bucket list.