Welcoming opportunities as they come

About a year ago, a film director and producer, Artur Guza, asked me to translate a documentary he had made. The film is about Fish, a Scottish singer who sang in Marillion in the 1980s.


One of the things I love about translating between languages is the fact that the piece of art that you’re working with becomes “you” in a certain way.

Falling in love with the poet

I didn’t know Fish before. I didn’t even know Marillion. However, by the time I finished the translation, I fell in love with the artist whose poetry was captivating and timeless.

Fish sent Artur’s documentary to the Edinburgh International Film Festival and to the producer’s great surprise, his movie got into the festival’s selection.

Artur & Derek Dick aka Fish

Artur needed a person that would support his English language skills and he wanted someone who felt Fish, his poetry and music. Having spent so much time with the movie and lyrics, it turned out that I fit the description of the person that Artur wanted.

This is how I ended up in Edinburgh this June.


Love it already!

Isn’t it the best when life is writing its own screenplay and the most unexpected things happen?

Edinburgh is an beautiful place, oozing history from every corner of every street and from every stone of the dimly coloured buildings. Very atmospheric. No wonder it inspired Fish’s darker visions of life.

Early morning when the streets are still empty. Yes!

Early morning when the streets are still empty. Yes!

There are a few amazing things to experience in the city, such as the magnificent castle, which is based on an extinct volcano.

The biggest private collection of whiskey in the world with staggering 3,500 bottles!


And the energy that entrances people when live music is being played in pubs at night.

Always searching for more

However, the true gem of the city is one for me: the extinct volcano with Arthur’s Seat, which is often mentioned as one of the possible locations of Camelot. Camelot? Yeah, perhaps it’s only a legend – but so what?

Give me a mountain and I must hike it. Especially that I don’t have any Chatyr Dah issues any more. Those days are long gone.


My courage didn’t mean much when hiking Arthur’s Seat as the place was full of other, just as brave, hikers. There are many different routes running through the place but none of them are actually marked, so there’s no way to know which path you’re walking.

Sometimes it’s not even a path!


But it was all good as you could always have a rest.

But all is good and you can rest whenever you feel like.

What terrain to expect when hiking Arthur’s Seat?

This is a very easy hike! Flip-flops are best avoided but nearly any other footwear will do. I appreciated how the colours and texture of the terrain changed, letting me experience different levels of difficulty and aesthetic pleasure.


Never be afraid of getting lost

Having no marked paths to follow is very cool. It gives you an opportunity to explore. Even though there are people around and you’re aware that you’re not discovering anything new, the fact that you’re moving without a map or a plan is very exciting. It lets you simply go with the flow of your thoughts, heartbeat or fancy – whatever is your thing!


Depending on where you want to get on the extinct volcano, the walk can be tiring, though I saw a girl walking with clutches!

Nearing the top

As you near the highest peak, the wind is getting stronger and stronger to the point that it can actually trip you over. However, withstanding that, will assure the most gratifying experience in Edinburgh. The VIEW.


Oh, the view… I’d climb this hill ten times over just to be able to permeate with the view from the top again.


The crow knows it too.

The walk is short enough, so no excuses for not going there – I did it just a few of hours before my flight. I was like a magnet being pulled to the Arthur’s Seat and wouldn’t miss it for the world. Now, I can definitely say: if in Edinburgh, Arthur’s Seat is a must.

I wish my plane didn't leave in a couple of hours!

Wishing my plane wasn’t leaving so soon!