What do I love the most about living in Canggu? Food, of course! Well, food, the ocean, the chilled out atmosphere of a village drowned in tropical beauty, good people left and right, but let’s go back to my favourite Canggu subject, which excites me to the point of no return. Sounds strange? That’s because I don’t eat meat – a phrase I’ve repeated too often. When travelling around Europe and Asia, lots of countries proved to be a serious challenge to my eating decisions, but then I discovered the amazing bubble of Canggu, I haven’t left since. The girl’s gotta eat, right?
Canggu is a finger-licking good place for enjoying vegan food, and even though there aren’t many pure vegan restaurants, lots of places have a great offer for vegans. Let’s see…

Peloton Supershop

Peloton is the only 100% vegan place in Canggu, which means that whatever I order, I don’t have to bother to confirm the ingredients. No meat, no animal products, safe to eat. The food receipes are perfectly crafted and it’s rather obvious that this cafe’s concept was conceived by a vegan in person. Am I right and is the Peloton’s owner vegan? Doesn’t matter. The food says it all and I always go back for more and more.peloton

Bali Buda

I love coming to Bali Buda because it’s always more than just a meal. I enter, throw my bag on the chair, order my food and then I give myself away to shopping in the health food store attached to the cafe. Browsing the shelves of organic food, cosmetics, glass straws and bamboo toothbrushes is a great way to spend time while waiting for my food to be ready. The choice of vegan food in Bali Buda is fantastic and they‘ve got so many different dishes on the menu that I order something different every time I come here. It’s such a relief not to be stuck with food!bali buda

Green Ginger Noodle House

The magic of Green Ginger works every time. I ended up here by pure chance but with the first bite of my food, I was seduced. Green Ginger is a fusion cuisine inspired by the tastes of Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and Southeast Asia with their own personal take on each dish. Favourite dish? Too many. Whenever I run out of ideas about a new place I‘d like to try, I go to Green Ginger as their food is a vegan safe


This is such a cute restaurant! Samadi yoga & wellness centre has its own garden where they grow some of the ingredients for the restaurant! I sit, watch the plants grow and wonder about the beauty of the world, and a moment later the plants’ compatriots land on the plate in front of me. Moments like that show me how healthy life in Canggu can be. Where else can you eat food straight from the garden? Salads, wraps, raw food, Indian food. Plenty to choose from if you care about what you put inside your body. By the way, Samadi becomes a lively market on Sundays, so I use this opportunity to combine my two great passions: eating and shopping. So what if it’s just for tomatoes?samadi

Alkaline Restaurant @ Serenity

This is one of the first places where I had a lunch when I came to Canggu, so it always brings a unique cocktail of memories when I go back. The restaurant gives homage to the name of its mother, and sitting here, I always relax deeply and feel serenity wash over me. Great food with raw choices set inside a yoga centre. A perfect place to get a raw cake treat after a yoga challenge. Oh, come on, I worked hard for this.serenity


It’s a bit of a vegan nightmare to eat out with people who eat meat because unless we go to a special restaurant, the vegans usually end up with a plate full of lettuce or rice (yup, I’m writing from personal experiences). Not in nüde! Finally, a remedy as nüde knows best how to take care of people who have various eating styles and want to enjoy a meal together. This guarantees a big “phew!” moment as I’m sure that everyone will be satisfied with their meal. Vegan, vegetarian, raw-eater or carnivore, nüde’s eclectic menu is a delicious journey that brings us together with love.nude

Shady Shack

Always delicious, always busy. I love how in Shady Shack I feel like I‘m eating in my own garden. A better version of my garden, that is. The tables and chairs nearly drown in the incredible vegetation, and a meal here is not only a sure thing to get a lot of great food and spoil my taste buds, but also a soothing session for all the senses, whether it’s a break after a surf session or a delicious way to start the day.shady-shack

Cafe Veda

Fermented food anyone? How about if it was organic and home-fermented? Great for your guts and general wellbeing, it’s nature‘s medicine to many diseases. I feel this healing power wash over me as soon as enter Cafe Veda, which ferments its own food and drinks. Lovely! I’ve got no idea how did they manage to achieve this unique atmosphere, must be a combination of food and interior design, but every time I come here, I feel like I’m really taking care of my body and spirit. Thanks for this uplifing space, Veda!veda

La Baracca

While there are many places to eat vegan food in Canggu, Italian cuisine might seem a bit of an odd choice. But not La Baracca! The beauty of this place is that it offers pizzas with… vegan cheese. That’s right. Their homemade vegan cheese is doing an awesome job at making pizza accessible to vegans and I’ll pig out on them any time, just give me a call. I especially love this restaurant for dinner as it has a good choice of


„Oh, wow!“ Are my thoughts every time I eat here. „How are they able to cook this well?!“ No idea, but Quince really impresses me with its culinary imagination. Even though the restaurant has a group of avid fans, Quince seems to be Canggu’s best kept secret. Hence, I’m sharing it with you today because the food here is so unique that it really deserves a go, and if you join the club of Quince Belivers, do let me know.quince
The above is not a comprehensive list of vegan friendly places in Canggu, so stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, share in the comments below what are your fav vegan friendly eateries. It’s always great to explore!