Some fifteen years ago, my friend went backpacking to India, and as much as I wanted to join him, I was bound by my studies and the lack of funds. Happy student life!

Luckily, my friend was updating me with his journey, and the photos from Hampi captured my heart. Mesmerised, I added this place to my dream list (which is growing ever bigger – do you also struggle with that?).


How about a morning coffee with this view?

It was a long wait until I finally travelled to Hampi, and I got there only because of an unbelievable string of events. My personal ‘North Star’ guided my through adventures and continents until I finally had a chance to confirm that what I had felt so many years ago was actually true: Hampi is magical.

Hampi: Good things come to those who wait


Located in Karnataka on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, Hampi is an ancient settlement in which people live until today. This small temple town is surrounded by fascinating historical ruins of Vijayanagara city, which was the capital of Vijayanagara Empire – the largest and most powerful kingdom in South India between the 14th and 17th century AD.


Sometimes the views are too much for me to handle.

Although much changed since the time of grandeur, as from a district of a jaw-dropping capital city, Hampi turned into to a sleepy village, don’t be misled!

When you go to Hampi, you will be awed by the ancient ruins set in a dramatic backdrop of incredible vistas, and the memory of days past will be nodding at you from every corner.


Considering the site’s ancient history, it’s not surprising that Hampi made its way onto the UNESCO’s World Heritage list. However, not even that could protect Hampi from the progress of the modern world, as due to heavy traffic and new constructions, Hampi’s existence was threatened altogether.

Preserving the magic

Thankfully, people stopped their folly in time and made sure that future generations can also immerse in the magic of Hampi.

That’s right. Hampi is pure magic. It’s a dreamland made of rocks, stone monuments and ruins of old edifices, which continuously attract large numbers of visitors. People have been travelling here since the ancient times, and until today, the village remains a place of wonder.


Exploring the ancient buildings and temples is really incredible over here! It takes days to cover everything, even though the actual area is rather small.

A cute touch

Another thing that made me fall head over heels with Hampi, but had nothing to do with the ancient stones, was the temple elephant who would take a bath in the Tungabhadra River each morning.


Spot the elephant!

The cute elephant plays in the water with the biggest grin you’ll ever see, while everyone around is glued to the sight enjoying this special moment.

Did I spark your interest in Hampi? Or have you already been there? Stay tuned as I’m gonna share a short guide to Hampi in my next post!

(Fingers crossed it’s gonna come sooner than this one! lol)