Indonesian immigration laws are extremely restrictive and for those who want to enjoy the beauty of this country for more than 30 days (or 60 days if you buy an extendable Visa-On-Arrival), staying longer in Indonesia becomes complicated. The country is made of several thousands of islands, so going across the border 99.8% times means flying to another country. This becomes pricey, if you have to do it on a regular basis, but it’s also a great reason to explore Asia.marina-bay-sands-citybreak-singapore-lostisthenewfound

The easiest way to renew your stay in Indonesia is to fly to Singapore, a city favoured by the majority of foreigners living in Indonesia. The visa run trip usually happens in two ways: a quick one-day trip or a weekend city break, and it offers an opportunity to enjoy a big city lifestyle – something that is not easily attainable in Indonesia. When I go there, I suddenly get to wear nice outfits, my always present flip-flops become redundant, and I get this urge: Let’s do something different!, which is very easy because the vibes of Bali and Singapore are worlds apart.marina-bay-sands-citybreak-singapore-lostisthenewfound

The landmarks of Singapore are pretty compact and tree great attractions are located one close to the other, so if you want to discover the city, there is no better place than Marina Bay Sands – the starting point for everything.

Marina Bay Sands

Seeing Marina Bay Sands, it is easy to understand why this project conquered the mind and imagination of Singaporeans. Designed by a world-renown architect, Moshe Safdie, the resort brings together a 2560-room hotel, convention centre, shopping and dining facilities, theatres and a museum, all of which are arranged in a dynamic space facilitating vibrant public exchange.


Mr Safdie also recognised the important place art takes in the shaping of human culture. Within Marina Bay Sands, he designated space for art installations and invited international artists to create artworks that would complement the monumental architecture of the resort and give a fresh breath to the public spaces within it. Today, Marina Bay Sands Art Path is one of the largest modern day art commissions that have been created to form an integrated whole with the architecture of a resort.

When you’re in Marina Bay Sands, make sure to find your way to the rooftop bar where you can enjoy incredible vistas of Singapore.

ArtScience Musem

Singapore’s ArtScience Museum created a permanent exhibition FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science in which a Japanese art collective explores the use of ground-breaking technology for the creation of works of art. Fifteen digital art installations are centred on four main themes: Nature, Town, Park and Space, and the exhibition is an invitation to have fun and explore the world around us without our age being a limiting factor.artscience-museum-citybreak-singapore-lostisthenewfound

By sharing this creative vision, ArtScience Museum is ultimately showing us the way ahead when it comes to digital art and human interactions with it. Future World is a significant contribution to the history of art and, by employing innovative solutions, the exhibition proves that art does not only have to be aesthetically pleasing but it can also be fun.

Gardens by the Bay

The art of landscape design is alive and well in the XXI century and the proof of this is one of the largest garden projects in the contemporary world: Gardens by the Bay. The progressive concepts of the best horticulture and garden artistry employed in the design of Gardens by the Bay, are a solid milestone in Singapore’s aspiration of becoming a „City in a Garden“. The park employs cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly solutions for sustainable natural resource management.


Gardens by the Bay are a showcase example of designing a green space within a city that functions as an asylum for endangered plants and as a grand display of ecosystems from around the globe. These ecosystems are replicated inside two glass biomes: Cloud Forest is going to take visitors to Tropical Montane region, Flower Dome offers a peek at the Mediterranean flora.

These landmarks are going to give you a good feel for Singapore, but of course, there are many more sides to this incredible city! What’s your favourite thing about Singapore? What place is an absolute must-see for you? Share with me below!