Rindu Belgium with Lost Is The New Found, photo shoot

Since the hunt for the Balinese jewellery, I’ve had an inclination of doing the same with the expat bling. Most foreigners that I meet in Bali are making bags, swimming suits or jewellery, so there’s a fertile ground ready for exploration.

There was also one more reason: Nemanja.

Nemanja is a Serbian artist who takes great photos and is bothered to take photos of me. Amazing thing! Because of this, I figured, Why not have an actual photo shoot then? With my makeup and hair done by pros? Why not look nicer than the helmet hair and travelling clothes? Yes! Let’s get some designer clothes!Rindu Belgium with Lost Is The New Found, photo shoot

It sounded so great in my head that I started organising everything. We found a nice shooting location in Nusa Dua, The Balé, and fashion designers responded that they were keen on giving me clothes for the shoot. Isabella was to be the stylist and Martha was to take care of makeup.

Too much commotion

As time went by, I was getting less enthusiastic. My thoughts spiralled into: Why would I bother all these people just to take some photos of me?

First, I dropped the designer clothes idea. Having a professional makeup done was next. As I was getting ready to cancel the stylist, the reaction I got turned me upside down again.Rindu Belgium with Lost Is The New Found, photo shoot

The night before the shoot, I wrote to Isabella that maybe she was too bored to go to Nusa Dua as it was an hour ride from Canggu and she’d waste the whole day and so on.

But Isabella answered, Tomorrow??? I want to go with you!!! How can I help? Her words pushed me back on track.

Getting the spark back

I needed to be peppered with Isabella’s fresh spirit. Her enthusiasm stayed in me, even though it was too late to get Martha and a fashion designer on board. (The funny thing is that when I organise things like this for other people, I go like a thunderstorm: no doubts, no hesitation.)

The one thing I had arranged before was the jewellery, of course. A bag full of it! Katy from Rindu makes awesome designs using various materials including wood and resin. It’s statement jewellery and I needed to find the right clothes to go with it…Rindu Belgium with Lost Is The New Found, photo shoot

Sounds easier than it is as beach life doesn’t really support a wardrobe full of nice clothes. It’s more like a chair full of rags. At least in my case.

On the way…

Together with Isa, we picked the nicest clothes we had and stuffed my backpack with them. I was to be the driver, so poor Isabella had to have this monster on her back throughout the trip. Seeing her cute face drowned in a brown, old school and strapless helmet, wearing a big smile and that monster on her back, gave me another shot of energy.

We set out for Nusa Dua, choosing the Mandara Toll Road, which is an awesome road stretching across the Gulf of Benoa.

We found The Balé with the help of Uncle Google. That’s the thing: these days, you can never get lost if you have Google Maps in your smartphone. I’ve navigated a few countries this way and the only times I got lost, were the ones when I got creative with choosing the roads.Rindu Belgium with Lost Is The New Found, photo shoot

We arrived a bit too early, which meant that a coconut at a beach bar was in order. Life is tough… Then, the hard photo shoot work started. Life is so much tougher…

In the hands of PROs!

I met Jelena at a birthday party in July and she immediately caught my attention, as she was the best-dressed woman at the party. Effortless chic – a style that is very appropriate in Bali.

Being in her and Isa’s hands made me relax. So much that I even started posing for the camera. Look straight, look down, now look playful, Nemanja’s patience had no limits. And I tried. I tried really hard not to disappoint my artist. Did I manage? What do you think?Rindu Belgium with Lost Is The New Found, photo shoot