Biker Babe In Bali

When I travelled to Asia for the first time, I knew it would be the perfect moment to learn how to ride a scooter. I always loved motorbikes but never had the chance to ride one and a moped seemed like a good first step.

Hot girls don’t lie.

My friend Tommy was already in Bali and once I got to the island, I nagged him to teach me this skill. Especially, that you can’t have a life without being able to move around.

Riding lessons in Bali

I quickly grasped the rules of riding two wheels and I hoped that I could upgrade to a real motorbike. Tommy left, I stayed. When in Bali, enjoying life is such an easy thing to do…

I didn’t have to wait all that long until my next Teacher came along: JC. His motorcycle was quite big, 250cc, and when we met for the first lesson, he expected that I would stumble, fall and whatever else.

Yeah, Baby!

None of that happened as Tommy did a good job with the first teaching step. Also, my love for motorbikes gave me a special motivation to learn the basics quickly.

Always on the move

Since then, I’ve been riding a little monster everywhere (in Bali you walk only on the beach or in a shopping mall). I’ve been on several road trips (easy-peasy), did some off road on a dirt bike (I fell down more times than I bothered to count), I also rode a magnificent Royal Enfield in Kerala, and I dreamed of journeys to come (like the Ho Chi Minh trail – anyone up for an adventure?).

Somewhere among all that, I was photographed by a very talented duo, Jelena & Nemanja, the founders of Dreams Studio Bali. What comes next, is a photo shoot from Jimbaran.

Dream Studio Bali, thank you for spoiling me! It feels good to look good 😉

The fairytale background is real!
“She rides!” (Know the song? 😉 )


Coconut Love!
Yup. Still Bali…
Ready… Ready… OK, Go!
Have I mentioned that I love riding a motorbike?

Have you got some questions or need an advice about Bali? Leave a comment below. In the meantime: Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Biker Babe In Bali

    1. Hi Ahmed, JC does not give lessons – I was just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time 🙂 However, I do encourage you to get someone to teach you as riding a motorbike feels fantastic! 🙂

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